Early Childhood Intervention

Educational adviser and play coach

We understand that building routines and settling strategies in educational settings can be a challenging experiencing for children, the families and educators when impacted by a Child’s disabilities.

Transition support can offer a solution to this dilemma by offering the following:

  • Preparing your child’s transition to Funded Kindergarten.
  • Preparing your child’s transition to their first year of primary school.
  • Developing strategies to support your child’s engagement in the learning environment.
  • Advocating for these strategies to be implemented by educators in the learning environment.
  • Implementing these strategies in the learning environment by coaching educators.

We know that play is crucial in the developing child.  Play lays the foundation for cognitive development such as literacy and communication, nurture relationships and experience the world.  Play doesn’t come naturally to adults and the demands of everyday life and raising a child with disability can hinder this basic skill we once had.

Play coaching can offer the possibility to reach your child through their innate play language and facilitate the implementation of strategies to enhance your child’s development.

The above services can be funded by Improved Daily Living Skills, Capacity Building Support for Early Childhood through NDIS.

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