Support Coordination

Support Coordination

Finding time away from our caring role can be challenging and creates anxiety, especially if we are required to navigate the NDIS world and find people who help us improve the lives of our beloved ones with disabilities. Our  team with over 20 years of experience in the disability sector, as professionals and also as parents, can help you navigate the NDIS, identify the goals, connect and coordinate with services to ensure your special someone’s goals are achieved.

Our commitment is to assist you manage your plan but at the same enlighten you about the different options available.  Our vision is to expand your loved ones community engagement.

Support coordination can help you consolidate the networks that already exist in the person’s life.  It is also invaluable during transitional periods such as a young person starting university.

Other areas a Support Coordinator can assist you with

  • Empower people that are already in your child’s life to become mentors.
  • Manage your funding to avoid additional stresses in your life.
  • Coordinate your bookings when you need them.
  • Access community supports that you need and want.
  • Connect with appropriate supports and community networks.
  • Develop your understanding of NDIS and what your child’s plan mean.
  • Support you in developing practical skills such as budgeting and life planning
  • Support you to avoid and resolve crises.

Support Coordination Testimonies

  • Mr. A, is one of my son’s support worker..  My son now attends his favourite youth group, Empire on a Friday night.  Prior to that my son was not accessing our local community because he didn’t have the confidence.  It was through support coordination that we found mentors that help change my son’s perspective of the outside world

  • Now that my daughter has been admitted to a Bachelor of Arts I have been able to engage a support worker who is young woman doing the same course my daughter is doing at Uni.  My daughter feels wonderful to be seen with a young person rather than her middle aged mother.  I will always be grateful to my Support Coordinator who suggested this and help me make it happen

  • I find myself reaching out to an Allied Health Professional that I had the pleasure of meeting during a previous role to assist with daily self-care activities.  She is not registered with NDIS but since I am self-manage, my Support Coordinator assisted me to make it happen, now I have someone I know and trust as my son’s OT


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